Family Stories

The family stories of our members weave together to form the fabric of our cultural history as Trentino Americans and Tyrolean Americans. They are an important testimony to our particular immigrant story and to those who came before us. Presented here are some of the family histories that members have provided. They give insights into why people came, where they lived, what occupations they held, how they have thrived, and what values they hold. We hope that this collection can serve as a living history of our heritage and our ancestors.

Joan Johnson Barker

Zadra Family History

Tom and Tina Fellin

How We Discovered and Became Members of the Seattle Trentino Club (It’s a great story!)

Jan Agosti and Tom Agosti
Jan Agosti and Tom Agosti

Agosti Family History

Grant Rauzi
Grant Rauzi

“A Cloz Family in America”

Dan Zadra
Dan Zadra

Celebrating the Trentini Miners of the Silver Valley

Dorothy “Dot” (Miori) Whitney

An Extraordinary Volunteer

Angela Branz-Spall and Santina Branz

Language and Culture: Two Families’ Stories

Pina Facinelli Fellin

Pina’s Story

David Asson and Gary Asson

Rosa Gabardi Family History


The Boldrini Family
Gold: Silvio and Clemente Boldrini In the Klondike & Nome Gold Rushes, 1898-1899

Linda Dodds
Linda Dodds

Our Family Story

Fernanda Say

Great Food and Sharp Knives