Folk Stories

Listening to Ancestral Voices: Folk Stories of Resilience and Renewal in the Italian Alps

Mary Beth Moser presents her insights on Trentino folk stories of resilience and renewal to the 2022 International Tyrolean Trentino Organization of North America (ITTONA) convention in Albany, New York. See the presentation at:


Magic and Wonder in the Land of The Pale Mountains

Mary Beth Moser shares her love of Trentino and its folk stories of magic and wonder to the Dante Alighieri Society of Washington in Seattle, WA. See the presentation at:


The Legend of the Great Polenta Feed

This current-day folk story, The Legend of the Great Polenta Feed, was adapted by Seattle Trentino Club member Dan Zadra from a Trentino folk story featured in the Winter collection of “The Secret Heart of Trentino,” compiled by Mauro Neri for the Provincia Autonoma di Trento.