La Montanara (notes by Bruce Johnson)

This song is based on a legend of Val di Fassa, Trentino, Italy. While hiking in the mountains in 1927, Toni Ortelli imagined he could hear the love song of beautiful Soreghina (“Sunbeam” in dialect) and the warrior prince she loved. Some believed she was the actual daughter of the sun, yet sadly one day she overheard her prince pining for a beautiful maiden back home. Heartbroken, she died in her lover’s arms. Ortelli composed both the melody and lyrics, and the song became the unofficial anthem of Trentino. It has also been translated into German and it is sung throughout the Alps.

The following score is a translation for singing in English by Bruce Johnson.
La Montanara Lyrics

Performed by Coro della SAT

Inno al Trentino – Trentino Anthem

Video with Trentino locations

Coro Brenta di Tione arriving at the San Francisco Airport

Quel Mazzolin’ di Fiori
Performed by Coro della SAT



Tu Scendi dalle Stelle
With Italian and English lyrics