In Memory Of Clete Boldrin

In July, 2021 we lost Clete Boldrin, one of our loyal and treasured Seattle Trentino Club members. (You can read his obituary in The Seattle Times.)  Clete was one of the members who was featured in our Family Story Hour in the fall of 2020, whose family history is posted on our website.

On our STC Facebook site, our club president, Mary Beth Moser, wrote:

Clete had an amazing ability to recount detailed family history. I told him that I wished we were related because he was such a thorough historian, and that his family was lucky to learn so much family history through him. More than his brilliant mind, I admired his kindness, especially his relationship with our dear member Fernanda Say. Clete’s great grandfather may have discovered gold in the Klondike and Nome Gold Rush, but Clete had a golden heart. Our heartfelt condolences to his family, so many of whom are members of our club, and who have already suffered the loss of Larry Boldrin, Clete’s brother, in December 2020. We will miss our dear friend.

We were deeply touched to see that Clete’s obituary requested that memorial donations be made to our club.

To accommodate this generous request, we have set up a Donations link here: do let us know who you are, if you donate, so we can forward that information to Delores Boldrin, Clete’s wife. This is such a beautiful way to honor someone that we will leave the link open for others to donate in honor of someone as well.
To Clete’s family: we thank you. We shall miss Clete’s heartfelt participation in our events. The Trentino community is grateful for Clete Boldrin’s contributions to the important history of our Trentino immigrants, and to his ongoing support with this memorial.